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💰💳 Get the Look of Cash with Our Discount Cards! 💳💰


Size: 6.3 x 2.6


Introducing our revolutionary cash look-alike discount /voucher cards – the ultimate way to attract customers and drive sales while giving them the feel of real cash in hand!


🌟 Here's why our cards stand out:


Realistic design: Our cards are meticulously crafted to resemble actual cash, complete with intricate details and vibrant colors, making them irresistible to customers.


Customizable options: Personalize your discount cards with your brand logo, promotional messages, and unique designs to make a lasting impression on your customers.


Versatile usage: Whether you're running a promotion, offering special discounts, or rewarding loyal customers, our cards can be used in-store or online, providing flexibility for your marketing campaigns.


Enhanced perceived value: Customers will love the novelty of receiving what looks like cash, creating a sense of excitement and value that keeps them coming back for more.


Cost-effective solution: Say goodbye to expensive paper coupons or traditional discount methods – our cards offer a cost-effective way to drive sales and boost customer loyalty.


Our cash look-alike discount cards are the perfect marketing tool to help you stand out from the competition and drive revenue.

Fun way to thank your clients for support or a gift for birthday.



  • Dollar Amount
  • Instagram ID 
  • Business Name
  • Logo or Image
  • Colors Preferred


Please send an email to with any required images only, with the Subject Line of your ORDER NUMBER.


Styles May Vary. Please note the back of the cash vouchers are blank.


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